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PRAEL is the worlds 1st Marine Collagen Luxury Brand and Dubai is known to be the most luxurious city in the world therefore this is an exciting beginning for the rise of skincare. They are being introduced to the Arab market, as the quality of the skincare is impeccable. This is a stunning skincare brand that makes your skin feeling luscious yet smooth.


One of the skincare items are the face sunscreen which is perfect for Dubai’s weather. As the rich ingredients help protect your skin from the sun. The revival 3D face mask is perfect after a day on the beach. One of the ingrediants are colloidal gold!

The packaging of Prael is simplistic and elegant. With a sophisticated gold and white touch, it is perfect for a woman who admires luxury items and loves to feel beautiful. This brand offers a luxury journey by providing a collodial gold serum, acmella lip balm and invigorating 3D face mask. Each of these items contain rich ingredients.

As loss of collagen begins to immerge as early as in the age of 25 we as women need to take care of our skin. By using the most trusted products Prael Marine Collagen works in two different way to make your skin feeling re-energised. From the inside of the skin it completes the missing blocks and from the outside it creates a natural protective layer that helps work quicker with the process. Natural collagen penetrates the skin cells providing natural forms repairing the damaged skin.


A sophisticated brand for a sophisticated woman. Dubai is taking skincare to the next level! You can find all the Prael products on

On – 25 May, 2017 By Aljohara Alsulaiman