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Ferrari Design Train for JR East in Japan

We’re already big fans of train travel, but the Japanese have taken things to a new level with the recently revealed luxury shiki-shima train suite. Designed by Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama, the famed industrial designer behind Ferrari’s Enzo and P4/5, you’ll never want to step off this 10-car train.

Opulence starts from the exterior, with the train’s sleek champagne-gold color and geometric windows. Tranquil luxury pervades the entire atmosphere, with Okuyama mixing traditional Japanese materials like washi paper, lacquer, and wood with futuristic flourishes.

Bent wood hugs the curves of the train cars, blending the exterior and interior landscapes, while plush carpets give warmth to the space. Design is a priority in all areas of the travel experience. Guests are served by staff outfitted in custom designs by Uniqlo creative director Noki Takizawa, and they dine on silver nickel cutlery crafted by renowned expert Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo.

The sleeper train, which is run by JR East, contains 17 rooms, including two suites. In creating this masterpiece, they are aiming to raise the bar in train travel, creating a high-end space that is unparalleled.

JR East’s luxury skiki-shima was designed by Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama, famous for his work with Ferrari.
Japanese design luxury train

Ferrari Design Train for JR East in JapanJapanese design luxury train

The design incorporates traditional Japanese materials, including washi paper and Japanese lacquer.Japanese design luxury train

Japanese design luxury trainFerrari Design Train for JR East in JapanJapanese design luxury train

JR East is hoping to create a new class of luxury train travel with the opulent design.

Japanese design luxury trainJapanese design luxury train

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On – 07 May, 2017 By Jessica Stewart