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Summer Fashion 2016: Fashion trends for Men


Fashion has now become more important than ever in history for people. Not only women but men also want to look fashionable, trendy and stylish. Fashion trends and styles change every year with the change of weather, season to season. In fact, fashion trend for men are developing just as for women, you can find a number of fashion designers around you that design and groom men only. There are now a lot of products and accessories for men out in the market that helps you look stylish and let you step out in the world with style.

Let’s discuss some latest fashion trends that have become popular in this summer;

Formal Fashion, especially at office provide men with a new way of presenting themselves at work. Men can express himself more stylish in summer when they are in office. Office wear can give men a gentle stylish look. The office wear for this summer has become completely different and traditional. however, trendy in look. These formal outfits don’t only describe your personality but also enhance it. When it comes to fashion for men, it starts with the trousers. Nowadays, black and dark gray pinstriped trousers are very popular, but you can also try some other colors which are very successful today. You can put on some bright blazers with a white shirt and a dark color tie. However, the lime green and tea green ties are in trend and recommended by the designers because they feel comfortable in the summer not only for you but also for others. When it comes to formal dressing, plain shirts are the best in the formal fashion. You might have noticed many men wearing pink, purple or other soft color shirts and thought these are used to be colors for women, but it’s not like that you should wear what you like and what suits you and best describes your impressions.

Always choose a two button tied coat, if you want to look more trendy. Most often a velvet coat can leave a strong impact and reflects your personality.

With fine clothes, you should wear some leather plain sole shoes. You can either try black or brown shoes, but brown formal shoes look more stylish in contrast.

In the last you shouldn’t wear any extra or casual accessories like bands, ring etc. when you’re getting formal. However, you can have a wrist watch and a silver ring.

When you’re going in casual fashion, it was always easy for men. Because casual mean jeans, that won’t get outdated anytime. You can choose to wear rough or new jeans it’s all up to you to wear what you like; it always looks good. You can have them with shirts of any type i.e. plain, lining, stripes etc. T-shirts and polo shirts are also a good fit for jeans and they feel comfortable in summer. However, jeans are part of some classic fashion, today men also like to wear sportswear, shorts, and trunks. with sports shoes or sneakers whichever is comfortable for you.

The Khaki pants have been in trend for decades, these were designed for military and soldiers, but men have taken it seriously in fashion. Khaki is not a classic fashion but comes in a variety of colors and shades that differ with respect to season and are appropriate for summer. If you are going for Khaki pants, then you should surely go for the boot shoes. These casual shoes are neither too stuffy nor too lazy and give you a hard men look. I would suggest you can also use boots with jeans and Ray-Ban Glasses. Because glasses are not only essential in summer but also add to the beauty and style.

Polka dots shirts and printed shirts are quite trendy nowadays, that you can use for both casual and formal fashion.

For casual fashion, you can put on some accessories, like bands, sports watch etc.

With some of these trendy items and Fashion tips you can spend the whole summer with style, because summer has just started and you have much to style.

Summer 2016 Diaries: Raging Fashion Trends for Women

Summer is all about showing off! Showing off your flawless skin, which you have been scrubbing and moisturizing all winter. Showing off your newly acquired tan after sun bathing at the beach all day. And most importantly, flaunting away your curves as summer is all about baring the skin.

This year, we see the invasion of a great many vintage, retro and classic trends that have reigned fashion in the 20s, 50s and 70s, and have made a delightful comeback this summer. We also see prestigious fashion runways gracing new styles and trends that were completely unheard of. Variety is galore this summer, and you have to be bold and daring to play all the right fashion cards on the streets.

There is a little something for everyone in the raging fashion trends. Fashion has retained the essence of au-naturel and earthly desires, which has been prevalent since winter and spring. Bohemians have the stage set to go all out and experiment with florals and Boho elements. Minimalists have been served the largest piece of the cake as au naturel is all about keeping it minimal. We see monochromatic tights, digital prints and the exciting slip dresses invading street style all over the globe.

Let’s begin our exciting round-up of some of the most exciting trends to flaunt this summer:

Jumpsuits are so damn chic!

Indeed they are. They are the crème de la crème of summer 2016 trends, and indeed the boldest invasion into your cupboard. From Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent, Zuhair Murab and Isabel Sanchis to Stephene Rowllande and practically everyone else. Jump suits have emerged as a highlight of each and every summer collection.

Be it black tie, contemporary casual, street style minimalism or even professional dressing for work, jumpsuits have got it all covered nicely. And they are such a splendid dose of glamour to the wardrobe. I feel my heart skip a beat every time I look at Zuhair Murad’s short and sexy jumpsuits. Perfect to bare the skin at a summer black tie event!

The Floral Invasion!

Floral patterns and prints are the next big thing this summer, and they are everywhere to be seen. On blouses, skirts, tights, shoes, bags and much more. The hottest ways to flaunt florals are the knee length summer dresses, the long and flowy bohemian dresses, floral handbags and a pair of floral printed heels is an absolute must-have!

Without a doubt, the Dolce & Gabbana summer 2016 has stolen away the show along with my heart. Floral prints and embroideries have never looked so glamorous, and we see the dresses playing up with many infectious Italian styles. Absolutely divine and so summery!

High-Waist skirts simply redefine elegance

The high-waist skirts is an element that has been drawn from the vintage trends of the 1920s and 1950s. I must say, these skirts, at whichever length you may choose to flaunt them, bring out the best in elegance and glamour.

You can rock the high-waist mini-skirt, or you can even flaunt the floor length high-waist maxi skirt that will make you feel like an ethereal goddess. I absolutely love the knee-length, high-waist pencil skirts that make the formal look for work all the more chic.

Caroline Herrera, Gucci, Ermanno Scervino and countless others have showcased some really tempting pieces that make you want to go all out and indulge in this sensational trend. From your casual street wear to a classy black tie affair, high-waist skirts are not just functional. But also, extremely vogue!

Bohemian vibes are stronger than ever!


Bohemian and gypsy inspired elements have taken the runways by the storm and they are look ravishingly minimalistic. Free people, Etro, Versace and Anna Sui have emerged as the champions of bohemian elements, and the dresses they have showcased are the epitome of comfort and raw glamor.

These boho inspired prints are so artful and splendid that before you know it, you will turn your entire wardrobe into a bohemian paradise. They are absolutely functional for each and every occasion, be it contemporary casual for a trip to the mall. Or even, a black tie event where you want to stand out for your bohemian vibe and artsy taste.

Makeup Inspirations to flaunt this spring

Spring is blooming in all its splendor and glory. And you need to pump up your makeup routine to add more glamour and get ready play with all the colors of spring.

Florals need to start blooming in your makeup bag because this year’s makeup trends are bold and will encourage you to take some serious risks. But they are so glorious, from the electric blues to the sensual nudes and the fiery reds, that the more you indulge, the more these trendy makeup hacks will pay off!

This spring, you need to put yourself out there and experiment with some of the boldest trends showcased this year. Remember, they will only intimidate you if you admire them too much on others, and live in a perpetual denial to experiment with your deadly boring makeup routine that you have been following since adolescence.

Variety is the essence of life, and since makeup lets you be anyone you want, play any part you feel like, provided you are a genius at applying it, why limit yourself to just one?

Here, we present you some of the hottest and trendiest makeup inspirations from the leading runways of Paris, Milan and New York:

Electrify your eyes with a deep blue

From Hugo Boss to Diane Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs, the fashion industry is going crazy for the blue fever that has taken over the beauty trends of Spring 2016.

If you want a full-on effect, you can go for the Midnight Blue shadow with golden flecks from Thakoon. Or you can make it more elegant by imitating the chic look done by NARS for Marc Jacobs by nicely covering your inner corners with a deep blue.

 Another trending look by Phillip Lim this spring is a deep turquoise line emerging from the center of your top lash line, and ending right below your tear duct.

Make a loud statement with a bold red pout

From the glittery runways of Creatures of the Wind to the styles showcased by DKNY, Victoria Beckham and Oscar de la Renta, a crisp red pout has been one of the most prevalent features of Spring 2016.

Popular makeup artist, Yadim, has been kind enough to share his secret trick with us, which he used to create the sensational red lip for DKNY. All you have to do is, apply your lipstick, press a tissue paper to your lips, dab some powder puff, and then, re-apply your lipstick after removing the tissue paper.

Consider investing in Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red by NARS, New York Lip Studio Colour Blur Matte Pencil in Cherry Bang by Maybelline and my all-time favorites, the Russian Red and Ruby Woo by MAC.

Indulge in Some Gold


This spring, gold is the new black! Glittering gold eyes were everywhere to be seen, and Anthony Turner created my favourite gold cat eyes at Creatures of the Wind.

If a cat eye is your thing, you can achieve the perfectly bold and bright gold-flecked eyes with a signature smoky black liner to complete the cat-eye look.

 You can even try the new gleamed up golden lips showcased by Prada by wearing the new MakeUp For Ever Aqua Cream!

French manicure is as hot as ever!

Looking at the stylish and amazing nail arts showcased by Morgan Taylor, Essie and Sally Hansen this Spring, we know for sure that French manicure is never getting out of style.

So, indulge in a nice French mani-pedi before your big date, and experiment with colors like crimson, coral or a hot magenta!

Time to go Berrylicious!

From Paris to Milan, berry and burgundy lip shades dominated the runways. A berry lip color will not only bring intense character to your mouth, but it would work wonders on giving you a bold, sultry look to captivate your man.

You can try some of the hottest berry shades, such as Burberry Lip Velvet, New York Lip Studio Color Blur Matte Pencil in Plum Please by Maybelline and Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Maestro in 406.

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