The Valentino Fall 2016 Ready to Wear fashion show in Paris was a comprehensive and beautiful homage to the elegance and movement of ballerinas. There was more than enough of glitter, ballet pink, and thin dresses along with black combat boots and punkish outerwear to balance the pale beauty of the collection. When it is about Valentino, you will find everything revolving around the dress parade and outerwear. And all of it is quite lovely. The collection included tutu styles, high necks, elegant bags, and opera costs.


Dance has been the primary inspiration behind Valentino’s collections for some time. It was nothing less than a shock to come across something related to the punk ballerina Karole Armitage in combat boots and tutu, as she moved along with the ethereal goddesses. However, the spirit of Armitage did bring a new level of toughness. There was a sharp and striking effect when the long military coats were seen in shades of navy and black being paired with the boots. It was even more stunning to see flared balletic shapes which were armored with metal.

Both Chiuri and Piccioli did a wonderful collection that was completely different from what the other major brands had to offer. Both of them emphasized the importance of the work in process to create a meaningful collection. The presentation was quite magical and took you into a dreamy world.

Highlights of the Valentino Fall Collection

Some of the most important points about the Fall 2016 Read to Wear collection from Valentino Fall are as following:

  • A military-inspired coat over a shirt, sweater, and full skirt and combat boots opened the show.
  • Tutus were seen to be reimagined into something of short pouf skirts with elongated and busty mini-dresses.
  • There was a complete series of crystal-speckled dresses with layers of thick turtlenecks.
  • Velvet seemed to be the favorite material of the Fall. Valentino has its languid dresses in olive, marigold and dusty taupe.
  • Ribbons were seen tied around the waists to give the look of the bands worn by ballerinas to highlight the center.
  • The models got their striking glow from Pat McGrath and their hair were twisted into tight chignons which reminds you of the strict performance buns of ballerinas.
  • The Valentino Fall 2016 RTW show was concluded in a grand style. It comprised of nude and blush gowns with dash of Swarovski crystals.

The Fashion Show

The fashion show also created the perfect environment to transmit the unique message. Instead of using the usual recorded soundtrack, pianist Vanessa Wagner played for the guests. All the models seemed like they were dancers. But you could still see certain variations – few black swans were:

  • In tulle
  • Gold-star embroideries
  • Leather

According to Chiuri and Piccioli, it is important “to be in the moment.” They wanted their audience to see and feel, but fashion was not something that is meant only to buy.

The Zoolander Show

One of the most remarkable moments of the Valentino show was when Hansel and Derek Zoolander made their way onto the stage just before the models turned for their final turn. Both adorned the menswear line from the brand. Both Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller left everyone mesmerized with their runway moves. What was so interesting about the Valentino Fall 2016 Ready to Wear show was that the audience was already applauding the amazing show. Both Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli seemed to have given the world of fashion something flawless this season.

Perfect Balance Between Commercial & Inspirational Fashion

Most of the major brands have undergone massive changes of late. More recently, they have moved on from being daring bow to the more common needs of their luxury consumers. The Valentino show has taken it to the very next level. They have somehow learnt to create the perfect balance between commercial and inspirational – something they can inspire others to follow.

Inspiring Women Behind the Show

The Valentino Fall 2016 collection has been inspired by two women who were behind the men in their lives who went on to accomplish amazing works in their lives. These men carved their unique creative paths. The two women were Emilie Louise Floge and Celia Birtwell.

  • Emilie Louise Floge – She had been the topic of many of Gustav Klimt’s works. She was also a longtime companion to him. She was a couturier who has also been recognized for stripping out corsets and whalebones from her collections. Her work brought about major changes in her days.
  • Celia Birtwell – Celia is Ossie Clark’s wife and British painter David Hockney’s muse. She is a well-known fashion and textile designer too.

The two remarkable women were chosen for the Valentino Fall 2016 Ready to Wear collection because they shared the same approach towards life. They blended sensuality with fragility and gave depth and strength to feminine grace.