Nicolas Ghesquiere, Jaden Smith, Selena Gomez, Zendaya and Alicia Vikander were the biggest attractions at the Louis Vuitton Fall 2016 Ready to Wear fashion show. Then it was the setup – the underwater world – that was the big thing. Ghesquiere mostly designed against the traditional concepts of beauty. It was not like the last season. There were strong hints to the futurism of the designer’s Balenciaga years. You could also see a lot of elements from his early days at Gaultier – especially in the form of articulated knitwear and short jackets. He claims to bring in a French way of mixing too into the overall show.


Some of the main highlights of the Louis Vuitton Fall 2016 Ready to Wear show included the following:

  • The fashion show opened with Natalie Westling flaunting a leather coat with red leather pants, gold riveting and black combat boots.
  • There was a trend of scarf dress having prints which ranged from more classic chains and rope to jewel-colored romantic florals.
  • There were many grounded looks with mid-heeled booties and lug-soled flat boots in black.
  • There was a sport theme across the collection. It was most profound in the series of color-blocked knits. The cobalt layered and Kelly green over the kicky skirt was the most noticeable.
  • There was the continuation of the exaggerated hip on the Vuitton runway thanks to zip-front jackets and vests.
  • When it came to bags, there were light gray oversized weekenders, leopard-print backpacks, the fresh miniature bag shape with center buckle, and oil slick mini trunks.
  • Ghesquiere also had many of his favorite models including Liya Kebede, Fernanda Ly, and Mae Lapres. All of them flaunted deep berry lips – the work of Pat McGrath.
  • The fashion show concluded with a series of trompe l’oeil sequined dresses that seemed to be printed on the white slips, reminding you of the widely popular Martin Margiela design.

Sporty Touches

The runway also reflected a sporty side with hybrids of mohair and jacket sweaters, featuring stripes both up and down the arms. There were color-blocked elongated tube dresses and knit shirts that seemed to be more affordable. The midi-length dresses reflected the sensual side, featuring heritage scarf prints. There was a white silk number with a black leather harness top catching the runway breeze.

You would certainly fall for the molded-hip jackets with zip front mixed with bondage pants, nipped-waist coats and overstated storm flaps. All this versatility was further matched by different bags. The soft-structured styled bag was the highlight. It was probably based on a double-handled plastic shopping bag. And the lace-front combat boots grounded things onto the street. The athletic, structured elements were balanced with fluid silks having prints of old world patterns, delicate slip dress, and puckered puff-sleeve blouses.

Focused on the Wardrobe

Ghesquiere was focused on the wardrobe – something which was the main part of his initial launching at Vuitton. He claimed that he was not pretending to make any big statement. His goal was to show how women are dressing today. That is why the 2016 Louis Vuitton Fall Ready to Wear collection comprises of everything:

  • Sports
  • Luxury
  • Athletic
  • Creativity

The collection has some striking clothes. The amazing athletic looks reflected a Balenciaga collection which was behind the current luxury sweatshirt trend. There were some strong coats all across and then the show closed with lovely decorative dresses.


Ghesquiere also paid some level of homage to the intense surface decoration by Gaultier. It was combined with certain complex cuts and conflicted against the real women-real wardrobe concept. But that concept now begins to seem like an alternative for something more specific.

The Theme

The Louis Vuitton Fall 2016 Ready to Wear show was something with which Ghesquiere intended to take his audience to Atlantis. It was built with help from Justin Morin, the French artist. There was this surprising rain when the guests entered the Fondation Louis Vuitton. There were 3 specially built geometric structures in the backdrop of the Fondation. It was a lost Atlantis with columns which propped out of the runway. There were a total of 57 columns which were fitted with 200,000 hand-fixed shattered mirror pieces.

The set was dark and featured mirrored pillars which gave you the impression of something like relics from a very old world. But when it came to the collection it was not something that gave the impression of submerged metropolis, but that of the Blade Runner. However, there was this graphic bodysuit that did make you feel like there was an exploratory dive somewhere around.

The bold and futuristic signatures, which are typical to Ghesquiere, were among the major highlights of the Louis Vuitton Fall 2016 RTW collection. In fact, the emphasis was even more profound than in his previous Vuitton works. The line certainly offered so much variety that every cool girl will want to add to her wardrobe.