Hublot commemorate its terrific opening of its Boutique in SKP Beijing. The Swiss watch brand transcendent coordinated effort with Bruce Lee Foundation. “Be Water, My Friend—the Legend of Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition”.

The Swiss extravagance watch brand HUBLOT held a stupendous opening function on March 1st, 2016 to commend its new SKP Beijing boutique. Situated inside the top of the line business space in Beijing, SKP, the boutique epitomizes another breakthrough for HUBLOT in the Chinese market. Simultaneously, the watch brand holds hands at the end of the day with the Bruce Lee Foundation to hold the “Be Water, My Friend-Legend of Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition” from the 1st to 6th of March 2016 in Beijing SKP. The Bruce Lee ideological themed presentation shows valuable items that Bruce Lee himself once owned, and additionally an assortment of HUBLOT limited release timepieces. Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China, together with Shannon Lee, organizer and director of the Bruce Lee Foundation and Bruce Lee’s daughter, introduced the new store, and inaugurated the Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Be Water Limited Edition as a tribute to the Kung Fu legend.

HUBLOT SKP Beijing boutique holds fast to the brand-particular recognized dark shading, and its outline idea joins extravagance with development, making an exclusive and elite client experience. Inside the store, the dark rug and the dark calfskin furniture accentuated with the glass and metal counters make a contemporary sensational experience. A touch of unobtrusive logical  modular and mechanical components is included and displayed in the window showroom, telling the great story of the brand that associates its past with the future, with the special projections on a book with light and shadows. Huge explosion, Classic Fusion, King Power, Manufacture Pieces and innovation are all shown together, highlighting the brand’s substance of watchmaking and present day outline.

For the Be Water My Friend- – the legend of Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition, HUBLOT welcomed the Bruce Lee Foundation to show valuable things from Bruce Lee’s own life, and took an interest in the presentation plan. Supporting “the Art of Fusion,” Loic Biver said, “As a symbol of the twentieth century and the most famous Kung Fu star ever, Bruce Lee encapsulates the genuine ‘craft of combination’ of East-West culture. Taking after the Bruce Lee 75th commemoration Memorial Exhibition held in Hong Kong, HUBLOT is regarded to hold hands with Bruce Lee Foundation again to hold a dedication presentation in China, here in Beijing and discharge the second restricted version timepiece, as a tribute to this unbelievable symbol. ”

Shannon Lee said: as a philanthropic association, the Bruce Lee Foundation moves certainty and spurs activity through the message of Bruce Lee. We are thankful to have the chance to take an interest in this show in a joint effort with Hublot to advance our organization. I anticipate imparting my dad’s soul and spirit to the general population of Beijing. The way to eternity is first carrying on with an existence worth recollecting, and I express gratitude toward Hublot for deifying the soul of my dad inside of this delightful timepiece while additionally supporting the Bruce Lee Foundation!

The presentation shows individual items owned by Bruce Lee. They incorporate a Tang-style Kung Fu coat that conveys the combative technique soul of Bruce Lee, an original duplicate of the “Method for the Dragon” script, a reproduction of the life mask of Kato in “The Green Hornet”, and the business card for the Bruce Lee Martial Arts Studio established by Bruce Lee.


Moreover, because of its imaginative methodology, visitors can encounter the ‘Bruce Lee Mirror”, a barrel shaped glass photograph highlighting Bruce Lee’s exemplary kung fu stances. Made of glass parts, it plays on 3D embellishments, coordinating the Hublot Unico In-House chronograph motion development and Bruce Lee in the same time and space. There is likewise a showcase of the most illustrative exemplary photographs of Bruce Lee chosen by the Foundation. Hublot embraces the ultramodern outline to exhibit the watch pictures in six outer showcases, symbolizing the legacy of Bruce Lee’s soul and his famous martial arts ideology.


Why Bruce Lee? According to Hublot

As the most compelling legend and genius, Bruce Lee was the epitome of union of East and West. As a pioneer, he was the principal Chinese martial artist that elevated Chinese Kung Fu to the world. He was dynamic his whole life in East-West social perception correspondence. Following the time when its foundation in Nyon,Switzerland 1980, HUBLOT has dependably been pushing ahead as an earth shattering pioneer, getting through customary ideas, intensely joining convention with innovation, interfacing the past with the future and making numerous “Firsts”.

Bruce Lee first softened the conventional groups of the universe of combative arts and techniques, intensely consolidated Taoist rationality from the East with Wing Chun, Western boxing, Karate and Taekwondo to make Jeet Kune Do, which is precisely the “Craft of Fusion” that HUBLOT-epitomizes. With the blend of a characteristically elastic strap and gorgeous metal materials, Hublot introduces a new era of  time keeping technological advancement. From that point forward, every combination of material, East and West, will create shocking achievements and advancements.

Bruce Lee’s legacy is not constrained in hand to hand fighting, but rather additionally theory and ideas. This is one reason why word wide, Bruce Lee is still regarded as a martial arts master-craftsman and innovator. Bruce Lee clarified the Jeet Kune Do theory that he had made as a procedure of investigation, self-revelation and the development of a spirit. Hublot has confidence in the organic powers that originate from the vitality of the universe. The production of Big Bang watches was conceived from absolutely this thought. In investigating the combination idea in the union of minerals and phytochemicals, Hublot concentrated on time, exploring watchmaking theories. The specialty of combination does not just happen in the above two regions, the combination of sky and the earth, the combination of convention and advancement likewise happen constantly.


Motivated by the winged serpent design on Bruce Lee’s work area, this tribute has the soul of the fighting legend and the unadulterated DNA of Hublot. A restricted release of 100 pieces, highlighting a tonneau case taking all things together dark microblasted earthenware. The timepiece is fitted with HUB4700 – a programmed winding mechanism showing its skeleton development with a 50-hour power save. The date show window is at 4:30 and the chronograph shows seconds at 9 o’clock, minutes at 3 o’clock and hours at 6 o’clock. Reviewing Bruce Lee’s theory of water, the strap is made of blue croc cowhide sewn on common elastic.