Have you recently visited any branded store? Have you checked all those lovely ramp shows that have been happening lately? Are you aware about all those fashionable garments and accessories that have created a boom in the market this year?

If you have not yet checked some of the most amazing collections of this year, it is time for you to know about the different garments that have gained immense popularity all around the globe. Read below to know about what’s in store for you in 2016:

  • The mesmerizing floral pattern: If you are a fan of flowers, this is something that you would surely fall in love with. There are so many designers, who have been giving preference to floral patterned materials for different types of garments this year. From mesmerizing evening gowns to long skirts, all can be seen in floral patterns. The best part is that most of these patterns have a dark colored base on which different colorful flowers can be seen.


  • More white, less black: Check out different pictures on the internet and you notice that there are a lot of designers, who have used the combination of black and white and pulled the pattern into the market once again. Last year, there were only a few materials noticed in this combination; this year, most of the designers are using white, with a hint of black on it.
  • Optimistic patterns: There are some patterns that push you into dilemmas; there are some patterns that rejuvenate you and make you a more positive person. If you want to be surrounded by positive energies, select all those lovely patterns that seem to brighten up your day.
  • Palazzo craze: While some women adore palazzos, there are other women, who are unable to carry themselves in these loose bottoms. The good news for all the palazzo lovers is that there are many of them available in the market this year.