If you look at all those celebrities in the industry, you notice that some of the brands that they wear, you can’t even dream of wearing those. While some of the brands are pretty affordable, there are other brands that only the celebrities and famous personalities can own in their lives. In fact, some of the garments and accessories are so expensive that there is no way in which even the small screen celebrities can afford to own them.

Here is a list of the top five brands that you should be wearing this year:

  • Marc Jacobs: The name itself speaks a lot about the brand; Marc Jacobs has been in the industry since quite some time now. Only the Rich and the Famous can afford buying products belonging to this brand because it is quite expensive and the class and taste he brings is priceless.


  • Hermes: The name says it all; Hermes has always been one of the most popular and used brands by the celebrities. If you really want to buy anything that belongs to this brand, you know what you want. There is only one requirement in which you can buy something of Hermes – wanting to be transformed into elegance and class!


  • Ralph Lauren: From ravishing coats to flowing skirts, there is nothing that you don’t get under this brand. It is a fabulous brand that fulfills all your clothing desires. However, despite your love for this brand, you can’t even think of not buying the clothes for your wardrobe. Check all of your favorite celebrities on internet; you are sure to find most of them wearing the clothes of this pretty brand.


  • Versace: The moment you think of elite class, this is the brand that comes into your mind. You may enter into the shop or e-store of this brand to buy something that belongs to it, but the moment you step into the store, you realize that there is absolutely nothing that you don’t want to buy from there, since you want to buy it all!


  • Louis Vuitton: Have you ever seen the ramp shows of this brand? You absolutely fall in love with all those shades that the designer picks up to create the best clothes for the people, who can afford buying them.