Ten years after the inception of the All Black idea, and to stamp the commemoration of this current “must-have” style, Hublot is upsetting the regular trend. It utilizes straightforwardness to cultivate a new association between the noticeable and imperceptible. The outside of the Big Bang watch is presently undetectable, so that the development and motion of the timepiece are currently completely perceptible. Through a combination of materials, compositions and covering, Hublot has utilized the Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black to reinterpret the famous all dark style.

“By its nature, black absorbs all visible radiation and does not reflect any light. In this original interpretation of our “All Black” concept, Hublot is once again playing with received ideas. The Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black is both transparent and completely robed in black. What is more, it does not absorb light. In fact, it lets light pass through. It embodies the dichotomy of the visible and invisible, the seen and the unseen”.
Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman, Hublot

10 years prior, with its All Black line, Hublot propelled a new fresh original and innovative idea: “Invisible visibility”. A philosophy representing the very quintessence of the brand. A timepiece whose straightforward interpretation of time marking moved it to the rank of legendary timepiece. An effective, significant concept which turned into the epitome of fashion design. Today, Hublot is still an innovative leader in this monochrome, All Black style.

Investigating new ideas, pushing back limits and tackling the unthinkable, the historical backdrop of Hublot is imbued with revolution and innovating features. Consistent with its saying of “there is no future without advancement”, it demonstrates that mechanical advancement is the product of experience, interest and the craving to continually push ahead. Complications are tests that propels the brand and its groups. Subsequently after the restrictive presentation a couple of weeks prior to the unveiling of the Big Bang Unico Sapphire – a timepiece totally produced using sapphire which required months of R&D and multi-million ventures – Hublot is presenting again a piece so intense it is skirting on impudent. It is joining alternate extremes – the noticeable and the imperceptible – in a piece which communicates the very embodiment of its All Black idea.

Rising above the materials utilized as a part of its creation, the Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black is made from pieces of sapphire gem – sapphire that has been covered with metal. Upgraded by its dark demeanor, this sapphire keeps up its vitreous straightforward properties in an unpretentious exercise in careful control.

Exchanging the skill amassed from machining hard materials, for example, Magic Gold, Hublot has built up its mechanical dominance increasing to a great degree in mastering complex material, one of the hardest, most scratch-safe and unconcealed in presence the sapphire. This technique for machining sapphire empowers Hublot to render this material, which must be cut by precious stone such as diamond, more available, changing its status as something special, just found in private accumulations, by utilizing it to make a constrained version of 500 pieces. By chiseling sapphire into the perplexing state of its notable Big Bang case, Hublot is accomplishing a twofold deed with the Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black.

Straightforwardness consolidated with skeleton work permits the inner workings of the Unico time development to be revealed. This complete perceivability implies that the section wheel situated on the dial side is currently no longer the main component of the watch which can be seen moving. Indeed, even the strap joins its straightforwardness with the matching All Dark style.

As a decade long anniversary for the “All Black” idea, this is a commendable tribute to the spearheading and acclaimed monochrome symbol.